Case Analysis

Case Analysis / Investigations

The team at Spire Investigations has over a decade of experience in the legal industry; primarily as a paralegal and investigator. We will use that knowledge and expertise to assist you in the analysis and investigation of your case and make recommendations that we believe could prove beneficial to your cause.

Service of Documents & Subpoenas

We can locate documents, individuals and entities for you and complete delivery/service in a timely manner. We can provide you with a timely inquiry of any requested documents and pick up/deliver those documents to you when they are ready. We will file the officer’s return of service with the proper court and provide you with a file stamped copy of that filed completed return.

Subpeona Service
Witness Statements

Interviews, Statements and Affidavits

Spire specializes in the interview process. We can provide you with written, recorded and notarized statements along with formal affidavits as well. We believe that employing a combination of psychology, science and practical knowledge allows us to raise this process to an art form and we are in a unique position to excel at this endeavor.

Locations of Missing Persons, Heirs and Witnesses

We employ 21st Century technology along with old-school investigative techniques to locate missing individuals. We locate missing heirs, witnesses, or any other persons.

Person Location
Background Checks

Criminal and Comprehensive Background Checks

We can provide you with basic and comprehensive background checks, vehicle activity checks, and other background information on individuals and entities. We make every effort to collect any available information and our methods are thorough and meticulous.

Social Media Checks and Reviews

In today’s world, most information can be found online through public data and social media profiles. Our team of investigators have perfected the craft of acquiring and leveraging this information to the benefit of your case.

Social Media Review

Surveillance and Undercover Operations

We provide both surveillance and undercover options to our clients. Our skilled operatives are chosen for each specific assignment and are provided with the proper equipment to successfully engage in these types of activities. We excel at avoiding detection and will make every effort to obtain the information you seek for your case.

Vehicle Location Services

These types of operations are usually both time consuming and expensive. If you are struggling to track or discover the location of a witness then our vehicle location service may be an efficient and effective option for you. With access to both public and private sources our team can search for and provide past and present locations of an individual’s vehicle in most instances.

Vehicle Location
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